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Mako TI

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The Mako bike tool is named after one of the fastest shark species in the world, not unlike you when you're up and running.

For those unfortunate breakdowns though, the extremely lightweight and compact Mako features nine essential tools for a road or trail-side fix to get you back up and running in no time. Complete with a bottle opener for the occasional pit stop five metric box wrenches and two spoke wrenches; this is the first bike tool that you won't even notice in your pocket!

CLOSED LENGTH 3.5 in | 9.5 cm
WEIGHT 1.4 oz | 42 g


  • 01 Bottle Opener
  • 02 1/4” Hex Bit Driver
  • 03 8mm Box Wrench
  • 04 9mm Box Wrench
  • 05 10mm Box Wrench
  • 06 15mm Box Wrench
  • 07 16mm Box Wrench
  • 08 14-gauge Spoke Wrench
  • 09 15-gauge Spoke Wrench
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